Let me explain ....

P++ is a privately held Canadian company incorporated in January 1993 in Ontario, Canada. Over the years, the company provided IT and management consulting services in Canada, USA, and the Middle East. We served clients across a number of sectors including: financial institutions, private and public companies, and Government agencies.


In March of 2016, I turned 65 and became officially a Senior citizen! At that time, I decided to do something different, so I started Project 65.


Since then, all my energy and time were dedicated to this project and to help our aging population. Project65 uses state-of-the-art technologies to help seniors age gracefully using smart technologies. 

​P++ is still around and Project65 has become its primarily focus since March 2016. And since you are here already, you might as well have a look around to learn more about our project.  Perhaps it would be of some interest to you as a senior citizen or as someone who cares for elderly folks. ​